Writing on Riding

Writing on Riding

Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live. – Mark Twain

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Train for the Gain

Before I was a mountain biker, I didn’t exercise on a regular basis. My most strenuous physical activity was a weekly bike ride, via sidewalk and desolate suburban roads, to the donut shop. It was a measly two-mile roundtrip, with no elevation change. I hiked rugged trails on the occasion I had time to drive… (read more)

Seven Tires for Seven Riders

From now on I’m going to be more careful about what kind of tires riders take on The Ledges on Bella Vista’s Back 40. My brother and I enjoy showing other riders our local trails. He and I learned, in large part, by riding with groups who already knew what was coming next. Watching someone… (read more)

How Do You Build Your Skills?

But, on that surface, there was not much slowing down. And as soon as I looked at the trees just off my left elbow I started going toward them… I recently read an excellent column on why learning proper technique is vital. It includes a great real-world narrative by a student who came out of… (read more)

Lake Bella Vista Trail

Between the popular Slaughterpen Hollow trails and Blowing Springs lies a relatively unknown trail with no formal name. It provides some flow, one steep switchback climb, and technical challenges to make sure you’re paying attention instead of staring slack-jawed at the bluffs towering over you. What it lacks in miles it makes up for in… (read more)

A Good Way to Ride Blowing Springs

Exciting things are coming to Bella Vista, Arkansas, with about 150 miles of multi-use trail planned, and the first 30+ miles due for completion no later than November, 2016. That’s just in time for the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s (IMBA) World Summit set next-door in Bentonville. Local riders and hikers are hopeful that these new… (read more)

Hobbs Is Not So Hidden

Near the shore of Beaver Lake just east of Rogers, Arkansas, Hobbs State Park’s Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail is a system of loops and spurs that allows hiking, biking, and horseback riding. With such a variety of interested groups, maintenance is never lacking at Hobbs. It also drains very well and is a great place… (read more)